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Bikepacking bags

For a great one-day trip or an adventure lasting several weeks, bikepacking bags allow you to carry everything you need, or even unload your backpack to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Speaking of the equipment you need, this is the first point you will need to think about before buying your bags in order to identify the volume of luggage needed, but above all in order to select only the essentials, to minimize the weight to carry, and preserve as much of the pleasure of riding as possible during your journey. The diversity of the offer was still limited a few years ago, but has grown considerably to now offer products adapted to full-suspension mountain bikes. Here is an interesting selection if you want to equip yourself, among some major brands and small manufacturers on the market.

Handlebar bags

Practical, capable of holding up to 15L for certain models, you will need to pay attention to the diameter once the bag is loaded, which must be less than the space between your handlebars and your completely compressed fork. To avoid having heavy steering, make sure to load light equipment (sleeping bag, groundsheet, light tent, etc.) to keep control of the front of the bike.

Blackburn Outpost Elite Roll 14 Liters

Solid and well thought out

We like this harness-type system for its two-part design with a fixed support made of alloy with an adjustable angle, which attaches to handlebars with a diameter of 25.4 to 35mm. It accommodates a removable waterproof bag, guaranteeing rapid loading and optimal weight distribution. Well accessorized, the bag is also equipped with an air vent valve, and elastic bands to attach various items to the outside such as a map or a windbreaker for example.Volume: 14 LWeight: 795gDimensions: 30.5 x 60.96 cm Recommended maximum load: 3.6 kg Price: €170

ZÉFAL Z Adventure F10

Lightness and attractive value for money

With a capacity of 10L, this bag is also composed of a harness and a completely waterproof bag which attaches to any type of handlebar. The whole thing remains simple but we still note the presence of reflective elements and a loop for lighting.Volume: 10 LWeight: 340gDimensions: 39 x 18 cmRecommended maximum load: 4kgsPrice: €49.95

Evoc Handlebar Pack BOA WP 5

Small and innovative

The small size of our selection, for the shortest trips, which can hold up to 5L in its waterproof, anti-abrasive, anti-stain bag and open on both sides. It is equipped with an elastic cord on the outside to quickly attach other equipment. Its notable feature lies in the use of a BOA® wheel to simplify and facilitate the assembly of the assembly.Volume: 5LWeight: 300gDimensions: 30 x 15 cmPrice: €140

Saddle bags

They allow you to carry an inner tube for the smallest ones, and offer up to 20L capacity for the larger ones. Well chosen and adapted to its use, its position on the bike offers a very interesting solution... but be careful to find the right compromise! Some models are, for example, not compatible with telescopic seat posts and if you are equipped with this type of post, especially on a full suspension, remember to check that the space between the lowered saddle and the rear wheel is times the compressed suspension is sufficient for the bag. Pay attention to the dimensions for technical sections: too large a size will prevent you from getting behind the saddle, and poorly loaded (too much weight at the end), it can quickly start to sway and become unpleasant.

Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack

Good capacity and optional dropper post adapter

Intended for trail use, this waterproof and abrasion-resistant saddle bag has been designed for bikes with low clearance between the saddle and tire. It can be purchased with an adapter from the brand that attaches to the telescopic seat post to ensure perfect compatibility without the risk of damaging the post. The bag is also equipped with an elastic cord on the upper part, reflective graphics and a rear light attachment. Also available in 4.5L and 6L versions. Volume: 10 L Weight: 375 g Dimensions: 42 x 18 cm Price: €174 (with adapter for telescopic tds)

Wolf Tooth Valais 25

The adapter for telescopic seat posts

Some bags are not specifically designed for telescopic seat posts, but depending on the dimensions, nothing prevents them from being used. To avoid damaging the rod, particularly by friction, this small adapter from Wolf Tooth will do the job perfectly. Weight: 20g Height: 35 mm Price: €23 (with adapter for telescopic tds)

Rockgeist Gondola

100% compatible with telescopic seat posts

Its mounting system uses only the saddle rails, which allows it to be natively compatible with telescopic seat posts, including the Reverb AXS. Its small capacity of 5L promises very good stability once properly installed. We are here on Made in USA and with delivery the price goes up a little, that said, each model is made to order. You can therefore choose between different materials with different properties and ecological impacts, as well as between around forty colors. Ideal for those who want a bag to suit their taste!Volume: 5 LPWeight: 250gDimensions: ncPrice: $192 (delivery for France and taxes included)

Frame bags

Frame bags have the major advantage of being centered on the bike, and this is therefore the best place to load your heaviest equipment. Owners of full-suspension bikes with the most eccentric geometries will probably have difficulty finding a suitable model; however, be aware that in this case, some craftsmen offer tailor-made products!

Ortlieb Frame Pack

For spacious front triangles

For semi-rigid frames or geometries that allow it, this frame bag will allow you to carry up to 6L of equipment. Its waterproof nylon fabric resists bad weather and its installation promises to be easy thanks to the robust and super-adherent hook-and-loop fasteners. Available in 4L version.Volume: 6 LPWeight: 250gDimensions: 50 x 29 x 6 cmRecommended maximum load: 3kgsPrice: €124.99

Vaude Cruiser Bag

Small size, low price and climate neutral

This robust and water-repellent product does not escape Vaude's commitments by being made from ecological and sustainable materials. Its small size will maximize compatibility with a large number of frames, on which this small bag can be attached thanks to its Velcro fasteners.Volume: 1.3 LWeight: 135gDimensions: 11 x 28 x 4 cmPrice: €23

Top tube bags

Small, inexpensive, it is an ideal option for storing the equipment you will need during the day, such as repair equipment, energy bars, your phone, external batteries, etc.

Topeak Toploader

Everything at your fingertips

Designed to attach to the upper tube, just in front of the stem, you can easily imagine placing this small bag in another location on the bike. The fabric used is water-repellent, but a small rain cover is provided in case of bad weather.Volume: 0.75 LWeight: 169gDimensions: 23.5 x 12 x 7 cmPrice: €34 (with adapter for telescopic tds)

Luggage racks

This solution replaces saddle bags, and can prove advantageous to prevent them from tossing around when they are bulky and well filled. Heavier, the luggage rack can accommodate a well-secured waterproof bag, or more interesting for long journeys, compatible panniers.

Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour Rack

Thule quality and two mounting options

Thanks to its mounting system, this luggage rack made of plastic and aluminum can be installed on urban and road bikes, and even on full-suspension mountain bikes! The icing on the cake is that it can be installed both at the front and at the rear.Weight: 1.1kgsDimensions: 17 x 35.5 x 31 cmRecommended maximum load: 10kgs mounted at the front, 11.3kgs at the rearPrice : €109.95

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    Merci pour l’article.
    Juste un petit bémol pour le porte bagage Thule. Même monté comme il faut, j’ai perdu des pièces de fixation pendant un passage. Moralité une demi heure pour tout enlever et demi tour pour rentrer à la maison… Ce porte bagage semble plus adapté à la randonnée tranquille qu’au “vrai” VTT… Je vais faire un mail à Thule pour me renseigner.

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