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Simon André - Test driver

You have certainly seen it, perhaps without realizing it, in the test pages of Vélo Tout Terrain magazine. Simon André has been trying, feeling, transcribing his impressions on different products for many years. He also practices the discipline at a high level since he was crowned French Master DH champion in 2011! More recently, he participated in the Coupe de France Enduro Series 2023 in Brassac (Tarn) as an opener.

Let's discover this accomplished sportsman whose job will make more people dream!

By Pierre André

Can you introduce yourself ?

Simon André, I am passionate about mountain biking, editor for the magazine Mountain bike and developer of bicycle products.

How did you get into mountain biking?

I started cycling with BMX thanks to my cousins ​​then mountain biking with my dad with whom we went to discover the most beautiful regions of France. It was over 30 years ago...

What is your professional background?

I studied agronomy and then I followed a Staps university course to become a PE teacher but the passion for mountain biking quickly overtook me and turned to the dark side...

Can you tell us about your activities (as a tester and “journalist”)?

The two activities are complementary. You have to test a lot to better understand the differences and be able to analyze them and then transcribe them on paper. It requires a certain rigor and above all method for both parties. I love testing new products because it constantly allows you to progress in your perception of the products but also discover new ideas or philosophies. But you have to admit that testing to create new products is really even more fun because you start with a blank sheet of paper and there is the whole creation process that comes into play…

How do you see the future?

I'm not a great optimist so I tend to be afraid but fortunately our activity is a huge bubble of oxygen. Mountain biking is a sport but also a therapy in my case. So I hope that we will become aware of what nature brings us to respect it more…

What machine do you ride with?

I don't have a machine personally because I test bikes all year round... On the other hand, I have a lot of old prototype bikes that I developed in the past. I hardly ever ride them but it allows me to remember good times. If I had to choose a bike it would surely be one made with a craftsman to find the best possible compromise in relation to my practice and my way of riding…

A place to ride in France?

I mostly ride at home in the Gard but I often travel for work and I love riding wherever the trails are made or authorized for cycling. Retour ligne automatique
I also recommend the Tarn, especially at the Brassac spot.

Your best memory with your mountain bike?

Phew, I would have a hard time answering this question because I think mountain biking has brought me good memories for over 30 years now! And I could spend days telling you about days of riding... There are so many good times, discoveries, meetings that I think mountain biking is only good memories apart from the falls...

Can you tell us an anecdote!

The question is not easy because there are so many. I could tell you how one day a young cadet (me) was called by his cycling club to take photos for a magazine that was passing through the area. I found myself on the cover (my very first 30 years ago) of this magazine for which I currently work…

Free expression

Mountain biking is such a broad and free practice that I hope everyone catches this virus. A passion that will take you around the world allowing you to meet passionate people. Cycling offers an infinite playground that allows all ages to have fun, so go and discover this practice.

What is your vision of mountain biking in 20 years?

A very good question, I hope that there will be even more trails for mountain biking and that many of us will still ride bikes without assistance or not… More seriously, I hope that we will have a mountain bike community in France united and motivated, as we can find in Canada, for example. We need adapted and shared practice places to make the most of our beautiful nature.

To stay connected

To ride around Simon's VTOPO MTB Gard - 2nd edition .

If you do not know the Tarn department, VTOPO MTB Tarn .

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